Specialist in Mens and Ladies

Men’s Wear

Our men’s wear is crafted using top-graded, quality leather. Entirely fashionable, our garments are inspired by up-to-the-minute market designs. Compared to our competitors, we offer exceptional value for money.


A number of sizes are available within our men’s range. This includes:

• S

• M

• L

• XL




Garments of a larger size may also be crafted. However, our prices for such bespoke jackets will differ. Additional, specialised leather may also be added for an extra surcharge.

The jackets we offer come in a variety of styles. This includes:

• Full Length

• ¾ Length

• The Hunter Look

• The Biker Look

• Smart Attire

• Casual Attire

CONTACT us today, in Forest Gate, London, to enjoy the leather jackets our skilled leatherworkers provide.